Top 10 Resume Mistakes

1. Resume is not updated - set time each month to update your resume. That way, it's less of a daunting task. Stay ready!

2. Physical Address Listed - unnecessary, exposes you to identity theft, potential geographic discrimination.

3. Grammatical/spelling errors - quickest way to get thrown out. Shows lack of attention to detail.

4. Objective Statement - states the obvious. If you're applying for sales jobs. You don't need to say, "Looking for a sales job."

5. Not including keywords from job descriptions - this is the best way to ensure your resume is never seen by an actual person when applying through an ATS.

6. Regurgitating previous job descriptions in Experience bullets - does nothing to show if you're good at your job/did anything well.

7. No achievements - this sets you apart from everyone else & sells your candidacy much better.

8. Formatting inconsistencies - learn to properly use spacing, tabs, bullets, columns, etc.

9. Education at the top - your education is usually just to fulfill a requirement. Place it accordingly.

10. It’s too long - be concise and highlight what is recent, relevant to employers, and powerful.