LinkedIn Tip: Headlines

Your headline doesn't need to be "[Job Title] at [Company]" This is the default, but your LinkedIn profile is yours. It's an opportunity for you to develop your own personal & professional brand. Your experience section will already showcase your title & your current organization.

Think futuristically. Show readers/employers what you can do for them. This is how you can be found when keywords are searched on LinkedIn. After all, many will see your headline before they click on your profile. Show them that it's worth viewing. Who knows? You may even snag some freelance work out of it.

What are your biggest skills? How can you help others?

Let's say you work in a non-profit aimed at helping young girls get more involved in science & technology, and you are great at raising money through fundraising and grant writing.

Instead of listing: "Development Coordinator at Non-Profit Organization"

Try something like: "Youth STEM Advocate | Fundraising Specialist | Grant Writer | I help young girls become the Science & Technology leaders of tomorrow."

Don't get too flashy with weird words and metaphors. It doesn't work for everyone.