If one way isn't working, try another...

Last week, I tried calling 8-10 different executive search firms to try and schedule some time for informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities to learn more about working with senior leadership and executive-level clients. I was met with mostly "We don't really do that." or "The consultants don't have time for anything like that." #Fail

So, I went to LinkedIn to try a different approach. I reached out to several of my connections, and many were more than willing to help.

Speaking of... I just got off a great phone call with Jean-Paul Philippe This guy really knows this industry, and he is doing some great things in the Executive Talent Acquisition and Employee Retention space. Connect with him if you need help with either of those.

Other than great industry insights, my takeaways were:

➡️Time mentoring others is never wasted time.

➡️If you don't know, ask.

➡️Continually find ways to prove the success of your work.

➡️If your way isn't working, find another way.

➡️As always, actually connect with your connections.