LinkedIn or Left Out

I was trying to think of a career tip for the day, and the first thing that came to my mind was LinkedIn. If you don't read anything I ever post again, my tip is to GET ON LINKEDIN!

And I don't mean: Create a basic profile and wish people happy work anniversaries, when you log in once every 4 months.

I mean create a profile that actually represents how great you are as a professional. Then, contribute to hot topics in your industry with other passionate people, post tips for beginners, ask questions, read articles on things like "10 Reasons Why You Need an Achievement-Based Resume & How to Write Achievement Statements" *Pssst.. I wrote that one. Enjoy the Beyonce GIFs.

My friends hear me say this all the time, and it's usually met with some eye rolls and long sighs. I GET IT! It's not cool or hip, but you know what is:

  1. Getting job offers without applying for jobs.
  2. Making extra money (sometimes really good money) for your side hustle.
  3. Staying relevant in your industry. Knowing to expect changes, and sometimes being the one to lead those changes.
  4. Being found online for good things. Some people still think employers are looking for candidates with a clean slate online. They aren't. They want to see results, and they want to see GOOD results.

I could go on, but I won't. You get the point, and I sound like a total nerd. But....If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out.