Resume Tip for College Students & Recent Grads:

When applying for jobs, try swapping out your .edu email and moving your education to the bottom. We know that most people review resumes very quickly and go from top to bottom.

There is a lot of negative perception towards young people’s’ abilities these days, so don’t allow for the first impression to be that you are simply another college student or recent grad.

Strategically place your experience and skills before. After all, that’s what they are really looking for.

Think about the first impression:

“They have some great experience!”


“Bachelors degree....check”

You can even draft a powerful professional summary in the beginning to showcase yourself as a “leader” or “professional” with quick snippets to back it up. At the end of the day, your education is usually just to fulfill a requirement, and it doesn’t do much to make you stand out. So, why lead with it?

Tell your story the way you want.