Is There a Specific Company You Really Want to Work For?

If there is a specific company that you really want to work for, stop complaining that you can't get your foot in the door. Kick it down! Okay, that may be a little extreme; but stop being passive about your career goals.

In many cases, an employer's first thought when hiring is to look internally.  For you, this can be an advantage. But you need to ask yourself:  "How humble am I willing to be?"

Can you suck it up and...

  • Work there part-time?
  • Do an internship?
  • Volunteer there in your free time?
  • Shadow and assist an employee? 

Taking these approaches isn't just for college students. Whatever your age or experience, you will likely have to check your ego.  And stop waiting until your dream job is available. Demonstrating your interest early shows you have a genuine interest in the company.  Make them think of YOU as soon as the job opens!

There are certainly alternatives to this approach. Consider building a strong personal brand online or establishing genuine connections with existing employees. But whatever you decide, know that success is less likely without substantial effort.   The key is to make yourself and, more importantly, your work well-known to the employer.