Entrepreneur Gold Mine

As an entrepreneur, I am always searching for ways to build my business while keeping my costs low. I recently stumbled into a gold mine of FREE resources. Can you guess what it is?

Drum roll please.......

Your local public library! I think many of us have gotten so caught up in this glamorous world of technology that we forget about places like this.

FREE "Office Space": Don't spend hundreds each month on an office or co-working space if it isn't necessary. Many libraries offer study rooms/meeting rooms where you can work at a desk without distractions. You can also plan meetings with potential clients/collaborators.

FREE Computers & Wi-Fi: If you don't have a computer or laptop, you can use one of theirs. They also have software programs that can be pretty expensive like Microsoft Office & Adobe Creative Suite.

FREE Workshops: Many libraries have educational programming for adults. They host workshops & classes on things like starting a business, computer skills, learning a language, etc.

FREE Books: I know this is pretty obvious, but think about it. How much have you spent on books this year? I know it's over $100 for me.

And... If you have kids, it's the perfect place to keep them distracted while you get work done. There are a ton of activities for kids and teens.