Speaking Engagements & Workshops

LinkedIn or LeftOut: In partnership with Kennesaw State University Panhellenic Council.

The Future of Work: In partnership with The Gathering Spot.

Other Notable Partners: Porsche, WeWork, Georgia State University, United Way, & Urban League.

I have been speaking on career development topics for over 6 years. This includes conference presentations, training programs, and even college courses. I pride myself on creating presentations that are engaging, visually appealing, and strategically designed for specific audiences. From the classroom to the boardroom, my talks can be tailored to fit any situation. I have showcased some of my more popular sessions, but presentations can be created and customized to fit any group or environment. I prefer an active/hands-on learning approach which keeps participants engaged, while inspiring the curiosity to learn independently.

Some might be thinking… “Why would I pay you to teach my employees how to find better jobs?” Well, research shows that companies who invest in their employees professional development have much higher engagement and retention rates. Both Millennial and Gen-Z professionals quote professional development as one of their top desires when deciding on a company to work for. Are you doing what it takes to attract AND keep top talent?

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LinkedIn has gained a lot of traction in the past few years, and it only continues to grow. LinkedIn is the perfect place for professionals to establish their professional brands online. In this workshop, participants will learn the best ways to optimize their profile as well as strategies to develop engaging content for their networks. When you help your stakeholders build their brands, they build yours as well!

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This presentation is accompanied by an interactive worksheet that focuses on marketing your current experience on a resume. It's perfect for any group that is looking to help its employees/members recognize their accomplishments and motivate them to achieve more! It is new, fresh, and reflects best practices of resume writing in 2019. I absolutely loved creating this presentation and the visuals are enough to keep anyone entertained. Don't you want to see what resume shenanigans this confused caveman gets into?

Most participants claim to hate writing cover letters before this presentation. This topic continues to be an area where I see the most growth before and after. This highly-interactive presentation uses marketing and advertising strategies applied to cover letters to compel employers to reach out. This workshop features various superheroes helping participants learn to write a SUPER WONDERFUL AMAZING cover letter. WOW!

The Future of Work: Remote & Work from Home Jobs

Over the past few years, work from home (WFH) & remote work opportunities have increased dramatically. Studies show that remote work and WFH can increase employee engagement, productivity, and staff morale. With this, the demand for these types of roles has increased, along with the competition. This workshop is designed to help individuals understand if remote work is for them, where to locate remote & WFH opportunities, how to stand out as a candidate, and how to excel in a new remote or WFH role.

Personal branding is more important now than it ever has been. What result does your name produce from a Google search? Go ahead and take a look now. This will still be here when you get back. Did you like what you saw? Did you even show up on the first page of results? This presentation is designed to help participants establish their online identity and begin to build their reputation online through social media & blogging best practices, entrepreneurial skills sets, and some industry secrets. Personal branding requires a lot of planning, building, and imagery. This construction theme and workshop will be the blueprint on your path to success.

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Have you ever thought about how much Improv and Interviewing have in common? This fully interactive workshop will leave participants sore from laughter and ready to seal the deal on their next job interview. Great for younger crowds (K-12 Students & Early College).

Interviews & Salary Negotiation

Do you know how to effectively prepare for an interview? Are you comfortable having a salary negotiation conversation with an employer? In this workshop participants will learn tangible strategies to prepare for behavioral/situational interviews to best sell themselves for the position. Lastly, we will share tools and conversational skills to utilize when planning for salary negotiation conversations.

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They say, “If you fail to plan, you’ll plan to fail.” This statements has never been more true as it relates to your career progression. This workshop is designed specifically to help you create a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. Participants will leave with a list of tangible activities that they can implement after the workshop to get closer to their next big thing! (Great for younger crowds.)